10 most-read articles of 2011, then let’s change the world of sales presentations in 2012!

10 top sales presentation article
As we head into 2012, I propose a look back at the top 10 most-read articles of 2011 on this blog. Whether or not you caught them when they first came out, this is your chance to review what you, the readers, found most useful this year for improving your sales presentations.



It is also my chance to thank you for the growing popularity of this blog, which was launched a mere six months ago. The blog owes its success to you, the readers. Tens of thousands of you have browsed its pages. Your steadily growing numbers and loyalty are what prompt me to continue sharing my ideas for changing sales presentations, even just a bit.


Change Sales WorldAlong with Steve Jobs, I would like to think that we will change the world if we are crazy enough to think we can. We can’t do it alone. But if, each day, each and every one of us changes our sales presentations, even just slightly, we will change the world of sales. “Each and every one of us” means the tens of thousands of sales reps and sales assistants, key account managers and sales directors who read this blog. Because if tens of thousands of sales people change their presentations, then millions of sales presentations change. Even if it is just one million, that means several thousand a day, or one every seven seconds of every working day of the year. And that, indeed, will start to change the world of sales!



So here’s wishing you a successful sales year in 2012, with the sharing of ideas on sales and a look back at the year’s 10 most-popular articles.

Powerpoint Techniques

1. PowerPoint 2010: Tired of dreadful arrows? Want to create sexy, good-looking arrows?

3. How to combine Shapes in Powerpoint 2010 to make original objects in your sales presentations

4. Using gradients in PowerPoint 2010 to make your titles stand out

7. Sales presentation design: Drawing guides that fit the rule of thirds

Sales techniques

6. Price Presentation in PowerPoint Sales Presentations

9. Solution Selling: how to do it in Powerpoint Sales presentations?

Powerpoint Design

2. 20 elements of effective sales presentation design

5. What if NASA had not used PowerPoint in 2003?

8. If sales people were to use PowerPoint or KeyNotes to present Usain Bolt …

10. 12 lessons from Steve Jobs, visionary CEO and master in sales presentations

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