11 best quotes about live powerpoint presentations by Seth Godin

Seth GOdin Sales presentations
Seven years ago (2004 as far as I remember), Seth Godin published an ebook about how to create amazing Powerpoint presentations.

  • His ‘6 words a slide rule’ became famous:  “No more than six words on a slide. EVER”
  • He has been inspiring a lot of us. Even the best of us, like Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte, Phil Waknell and several others.
  • Even the best sales people like Steve Jobs was.

He figured the idea might spread and then boring PowerPoint presentations filled with bullets would go away.
Several years later on, Seth Godin got upset to see that unfortunately, not only has it not gone away, it’s gotten a lot worse: he published again a famous post in 2007 which title was :  Really Bad Powerpoint. with memorable quotes. Here are my 11 favorite quotes by Seth Godin about live Powerpoint presentations.

About powerpoint presentations and sales

  1. “Communication is about getting others to adopt your point of view, to help them understand why you’re excited. If all you want to do is create a file of facts and figures, then cancel the meeting and send in a report.”
  2. “If everyone in the room agreed with you, you wouldn’t need to do a presentation, would you? […] the reason we do presentations is to make a point, to sell one or more ideas.”
  3. “If you believe in your idea, sell it. Make your point as hard as you can and get what you came for. Your audience will thank you for it, because deep down, we all want to be sold.”
  4. “Create slides that demonstrate, with emotional proof, that what you’re saying is true not just accurate.”
  5. “The reason you give a presentation is to make a sale. So make it. Don’t leave without a “yes,” or at the very least, a commitment to a date or to future deliverables.”

About sales presentations and communication

  1. “Often, people come to a conclusion about your presentation by the time you’re on the second slide. After that, it’s often too late for your bullet points to do you much good.”
  2. “You can wreck a communication process with lousy logic or unsupported facts, but you can’t complete it without emotion. Logic is not enough.”

About powerpoint presentation design

  1. “Make slides that reinforce your words, not repeat them”.
  2. “No more than six words on a slide. EVER. There is no presentation so complex that this rule needs to be broken.”
  3. “No cheesy images. Use professional stock photo images.”
  4. “No dissolves, spins or other transitions.”

Read Seth Godin full post : Really Bad Powerpoint

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    HEY GUYS i work for cocacola as regional sales manager and i would like to do power power point presentations. Kindly help. Thanks

  1. I really liked this one “Create slides that demonstrate, with emotional proof, that what you’re saying is true not just accurate.”
    Thanks for sharing these quotes.
    authorSTREAM Team

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