15 minutes of infamy

15 mn of infamy - 1987
Let’s go back in time to 1987…
A quarter of a century ago already.
15 minutes of infamy - Fred Astair
Legendary dancer Fred Astaire died that year in Hollywood.
15 mn of infamy  -Star Treck
“Star Trek: The Next Generation” made its debut on syndicated TV.
15 minutes of infamy - Platoon
“Platoon,” Paul Newman and Marlee Matlin were the winners at the 59th Academy Awards.
15 minutes of infamy - Kasparov
The young Garry Kasparov beat Anatoly Karpov to retain the world chess title
15 minutes of infamy - Lendl beats Wilander
Ivan Lendl defeated Mats Wilander 7-5 6-2 3-6 7-6 to win the French Open.
15 minutes of infamy - DOS 

IBM released PC-DOS version 3.3. Windows didn’t exist yet.
Powerpoint invented in 1987
… and that was the year Bob Gaskins invented PowerPoint.
That was a quarter-century ago!!!
… and since then, 1987, we’ve had a problem.
15 mn of infamy - Seth Godin's quote
And here are the opinions of a few communication specialists, such as Seth Godin…
15 minutes of infmay - Guy Kawasaki
And Guy Kawasaki….
15 minutes of infamy - Guy Kawasaki
15 mn of infamy - our presentations suck
So… Do our sales presentations suck?
Yes, they do!!
15 mn of infamy - However
Our sales revenue is often too low:
– When a company has a problem, it is rarely because of mismanaged costs, it is usually related to low sales revenue.
– Most companies have demonstrated that they are incapable of selling in times of crisis;
… nevertheless, they insist on trying to sell with hideous sales presentations.

15 mn of infamy  

And no wonder sales presentations are ugly.
On average, a rep spends less than 15 minutes learning PowerPoint, and an assistant spends less than one hour.
… and then they both use this meagre knowledge for the rest of their lives.
15 mn of infamy - World has changed
We just forget that in the quarter-century since 1987, the world has changed.
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  1. LOL. It doesn’t have to be that way, of course. I dip into Presentation Zen occasionally to simplify presentations. It does take a little work, but doesn’t success always require a little work?

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