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Using gradients in PowerPoint 2010 to make your titles stand out

Sales Presentation - PowerPoint 2003

Sometimes, complex background images interfere with title legibility. PowerPoint 2003 introduced a way of managing transparency effects so that text areas fit better with backgrounds than before. Now, with PowerPoint 2010, graphic features are even more refined, and gradient transparency can be managed to make titles pop out while preserving the integrity of the background image. …

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How to Apply Garr Reynolds’ Three Zen Principles to Sales Presentations

Garr Reynolds' zen principles

Garr Reynolds uses principles drawn from the Zen art to increase the impact and effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations. You might wonder what the Zen arts have to do PowerPoint presentations. Zen principles can be used in many areas of life, particularly professional life. Practicing the Zen arts means working with constraints, obliging the practitioner to …

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