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Naked Presenter

Author: Garr Reynolds
In his latest book, The Naked Presenter, Garr Reynolds talks about presenting naked, meaning the ability to communicate the essence of your message by stripping away all that is unnecessary. This type of presentation is based on simplicity, clarity, honesty, integrity and passion. When PowerPoint or Keynote is used, the slides must never steal the show or take over the presentation, they must simply support it. Regardless of the ideas conveyed, the presentation is fresh, and the content makes a lasting impression.

You will discover how to stick to the essence of your message and deliver presentations that are as natural as they are memorable. Whether you are at the planning stage or an hour away from starting your presentation, you will find wisdom in The Naked Presenter that you can use to connect with your audience in a meaningful way and deliver an excellent presentation.


Author: Garr Reynolds
Language: English and French
In Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds shares his experience in a provocative mix of illumination, inspiration, lessons and advice that will change the way you make presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote. Innovative in spirit, Presentation Zen challenges the conventional approach to creating presentations and encourages you to think differently, more creatively, about the preparation, design and delivery of presentations. Garr shares lessons and practical advice gained from his communications and business experience. Combining the basic principles of design with the simplicity of the Zen arts, this book will show you the way to greater simplicity and impact in your presentations. You will buy Presentation Zen to change your presentations, but Presentation Zen will change you.

Presentation Zen Design

Author: Garr Reynolds
Language: English
With Presentation Zen Design, Garr Reynolds takes us deeper into the world of design, and shows us how the principles of design can be used in presentation layouts.

Throughout Presentation Zen Design, Garr shares his teachings on the design of effective presentations containing text, diagrams, colors, images and video. Once he has established the guidelines for each element, he explains how to achieve overall harmony and balance by using principles of Zen simplicity. Not only will you discover how to create more professional presentation slides, you will learn how to communicate more clearly to achieve your goals, and create a more meaningful, memorable connection with your audience.


The Presentation Secrets of  Steve Jobs

Author: Carmine Gallo
The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
teaches us a lot about the small things behind great presentations that captivate an audience the way the great master Steve Jobs does. Carmine Gallo reveals the tricks that Steve Jobs uses to make his presentations smooth and, above all, captivating. He reframes many Keynote examples, as well as examples from other companies engaged in fundraising and other activities. He answers simple yet basic questions, and it becomes clear in the end that slide design is fairly simple if the ideas are well thought out ahead of time. One of the secrets lies in the simple use of pencil and paper to prepare your presentation…

Beyond Bullet Points

Author: Cliff Atkinson
Beyond Bullet Points goes above and beyond teaching us how to use the new PowerPoint functions, it helps us clarify, visualize and present ideas. It contains information on graphic design and on-line presentations, and comes with a CD with sample PowerPoint files, exercises and extras.

slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations

Author: Nancy Duarte
Written by Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte Design, the company that created Al Gore’s Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, this book is full of practical approaches that can be used by anyone. The book combines conceptual thinking and inspired drawing with insightful case studies of the leading global brands. Slide:ology will teach you how to:
* Make contact with specific audiences
* Turn your ideas into informative diagrams
* Use sketches and technical diagrams effectively
* Create a diagram that enables the audience to process the information easily
* Develop truly influential presentation
* Use presentation technologies to your advantage
Millions of presentations and billions of slides have been produced – and most of them have missed their mark. Slide:ology will challenge your usual approach to slide creation, and teach you to be a visual thinker.

Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

Author: Nancy Duarte
With the same skill as Slide:ology, where Nancy Duarte helped us become visual communicators, Resonate helps us establish a strong connection with the audience and lead it to take considered action. The author’s approach is simple: today, creating a presentation is a little like writing a documentary. Taking this approach can help you deliver your content with passion, persuasion and impact.
* Nancy emphasizes content development methods that lead people to act.
* She upsets the usual paradigm by making the audience the hero and pushing the presenter into the role of mentor.
* She shows you how to use narration and story-telling techniques.



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