Annual meetings bombarding people with Powerpoint work!

Estimated Money Destruction=600 000 euros to 2 million euros per company per year.

Once a year medium and big companies organize annual meetings were salespeople, managers and leaders from all over the world are flown to a single location to spend a few days getting up to date with the latest news.

Those companies of course pay for the flight, the stopover and all travel costs.  So several hundred people sit in an auditorium from 9 a.m. till 5 or 6 p.m. in the afternoon getting bombarded with PowerPoint.
Powerpoint presentation and annual meetingThe CEO of the company starts first, then the company’s CFO, then managers, specialists and guests. Throughout the day every 45 minutes, presenters take turns, each of whom always starts off by connecting up their laptop and projector, and starts a presentations based on slides that are completely filled with text and bullet points. All turnover figures from the previous year from all sections, strategy for the coming year, new products and relevant innovations are presented through wordy and ugly slides that no one can read. They also love print screens on which they point to some hardly discernible details with a laser pointer. All of it is pure information overkill. Time and again you can spot people busily typing away on their laptops whilst others send off text messages from their mobile phones.

Example: (this story is related in company is an internationally operating company making fluid analysis devices and employ about 3,700 people in total. A short while ago for example,  200 sales men from all over the world (Asia, Russia, North America, Europe) met in Boston.
Comment of one of them: “This is the fifth year now that I have been suffering through it. Actually the only reason I go is for the contacts during the breaks. If say a colleague was off sick and I had to summarise the main points for them, it would take me about two hours. But the event takes five days! Imagine it: five days of non-stop PowerPoint. I view it as a money destroying machine.”

Estimated money destruction.

Only salaries:

200’000 euro (for 100 reps meeting) to 1 800 000 (600 managers meeting) per company per year. This quotation is based on 200€ salary & taxes per day per rep.

With travelling, catering, hotel:

Approximately two times more: from 400 000 euros to 3 600 000€ per company per year!!!
This rate (2 times more) is realistic but under-estimated: my 25 years experience with companies’ events demonstrates that it is often more, until 3 times  more.

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