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PowerPoint and sales: How to get the best out of the new technologies and make your presentations great. My approach to great sales presentations is based on three-pronged experience: - 30 years of experience in and passion for sales: 16 years of B2B, retail, and pharmaceutical laboratory sales, and 14 years of consulting at Mercuri International, where I have trained some 5,000 sales representatives, as well as over 500 sales management executives. - My experience with new technologies: As New Technologies Director for Mercuri International, I now travel to some 25 countries to implement the best that technology has to offer in terms of sales development. - The example of the world’s best communicators: Thanks to all those whose publications and presentations inspire me a little more each day: - Garr Reynolds: The master of modern communication, he has influenced me the most. An American living in Japan, he is an internationally-renowned communications expert and the creator of the most popular website on presentation design, He has also authored a book of the same name, as well as several other books. - Steve Jobs: It’s not his engineering skills that make him so indispensable for Apple … it’s his extraordinary ability to sell its products. Steve Jobs is one of the most captivating salesmen in the world. - Nancy Duarte heads Duarte Design, one of the largest design and woman owned firms in Silicon Valley. Her client list includes the largest Fortune-500 companies, such as Adobe, Cisco, Google and Hewlett-Packard. - Carmine Gallo is a communications coach who is passionate about the techniques Steve Jobs uses to captivate his audience. - Phil Waknell: Philippe Waknell is the founding co-director of Paris-based Ideas on Stage, one of France’s best presentation companies. His “Phil presents” blog is a marvel of inspiration, originality and simplicity. - Guy Kawasaki is an American born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ex-Apple, he was one of the first directors of marketing at Apple, where his mission was to create a community of passionate users and defenders of the Apple brand. - Seth Godin was vice president of direct marketing at Yahoo. He has written twelve books that have been translated into over 30 languages. All were best sellers. American Way Magazine calls him “America’s Greatest Marketer”. - Olivia Mitchell is a presentation trainer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Her blog “Speaking about presenting” is a rich resource. - Hans Rosling, a professor of international health at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, is the Zen master of presenting statistics when it comes to making sense and telling a story. - Doctor John Medina is a molecular biologist focused on the genes involved in brain development. He is the author of several books, including the New York Times bestseller Brain Rules, which decodes how the brain processes and assimilates information. - John Sweller is an Australian psychologist known for formulating the theory of cognitive load. He has authored over 80 scientific publications, mainly on cognitive factors, with specific emphasis on the implications of working memory limitations.

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Design in Sales Presentations

Design in Powerpoint Sales presentations

Before talking about sales presentations… First of all, what is design? There is no simple answer. For me, design is what allows people to create solutions that help other people or improve their lives, even if just a bit. Design means paying attention not to the solution as such, but to how others will understand …

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How contrasts make your sales presentations more impactful?

Customer and contrasts

Contrast is one of the most effective ways to add visual interest to your sales presentations. Our eyes like contrast.  Audiences need contrast. Eyes immediately perceive the difference between the attribute of two or more things, and this focuses your customer’s attention. By contrasting an object against the others, you automatically create attention and bring …

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sales presentation: dare switching-off the data-projector.

Sales presentations without slides

Regarding sales presentation, We are currently witnessing a transition to a new era. 90% of sales presentations are deadly. We call this “The death of sales by PowerPoint”, where sales presentations are loaded with text. Presentations like this kill a sales rep’s effectiveness because they cannot be influential during the sales meeting. This is not …

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10 most-read articles of 2011, then let’s change the world of sales presentations in 2012!

Change Sales World

As we head into 2012, I propose a look back at the top 10 most-read articles of 2011 on this blog. Whether or not you caught them when they first came out, this is your chance to review what you, the readers, found most useful this year for improving your sales presentations.     It …

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sales presentations and Cognitive Load Theory

Sales presentations and multi-tasking

Professor John Sweller demonstrated with his Cognitive Load Theory in the 1980s that our brains have two hemispheres, right and left.  The right side is emotional, reacting to emotions, mood, art, beauty, music and such. The left side functions rationally, is interested in facts and analysis, strong in math and data processing.   Cognitive load …

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What’s the use of an unarmed PowerPoint sales presentation?

Saels presentations armed with emotion

He was not talking about sales presentation of course, but… In the words of Julien Clerc, one of the best-known French singers: “What’s the use of an unarmed song?” (said the Chileans, arms spread wide, fists clenched…) You can listen to this song on YouTube: [youtube_sc url= width=450 rel=0 fs=1] It makes me wonder the …

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Using color in your sales presentations

Color wheel and sales presentations

Sales presentations often fall into one of two extremes. 1. Sales presentations with too many colors Without a doubt, the bulk of PowerPoint sales presentations inflict some of the worst horrors imaginable on us because of poor color combinations. Color Wheel This is because of a lack of awareness of the color wheel, although this tool …

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How to set-up your sales presentation and computer to use Presenter View

Presenter viewer for sales presentations

Using Presenter View is a great way to view your sales presentation with meeting notes on one computer (your laptop, for example), while your customer views the notes-free sales presentation on a different monitor, or projected on a larger screen, for example. This post focuses on set-up Presenter view before starting your sales meeting. Tip: …

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How to deliver Powerpoint sales presentation using Presenter View

Presenter viewer: features for sales presentation

Presenter View is a great way for you to view your sales presentation with your meeting notes on one computer (your laptop, for example), while the customer views the notes-free sales presentation on a different monitor, or projected on a larger screen, for example. In this post we are going to focus on how to …

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Sales presentations: start or end your video with a fade effect

Sales presentations and video Videos are important to address emotions with your sales presentations. To get the best effect you have to import videos into your sales presentations ; and since PowerPoint 2010 you can improve their launch and closing with fade effects. How to start or end your video with a fade effect? You …

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