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sales presentations: Dark backgrounds are better than light backgrounds

Sales presentations slide-bright-vs-dull

“Dark backgrounds are better than light backgrounds for sales presentations”. This is a subject that comes up very often, and did again this week for me: Karine 😉 this article will make you smile, along with your 12 colleagues of last Tuesday, should you ever stumble across it on Google. The question is, why are …

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PowerPoint sales presentations and picture copyright law.

Copyright and sales presentations

You need great picture for your PowerPoint sales presentation and don’t want to spend money You’ve found the perfect picture on someone’s website or on Google. Can you use it? No, you can’t! All images you find online are protected by copyright law, which says pictures are the property of whomever created them. You always …

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10 Free image websites for Powerpoint sales presentations

Free images for sales presentations

You know that you need great professional images for your Keynotes or Powerpoint sales presentations. The best advise is to buy pictures on professional websites like istock. But I’m aware that it is sometimes not possible at all to get any budget in your company for this. Reason why I have updated my list of …

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Choosing photos for your sales presentations: 20 essential techniques

Memorable sales presentations

Even if you have only read PresentationZen or Slide:ology, but all the more if you have read other books by Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte, if you are on this blog, you already know that sales presentations have to be visual. While browsing those books and surfing the ‘net, you couldn’t help but notice the …

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Using “full-screen” images in your sales presentations

Using “full-screen” images in your sales presentations

If you want to give the slides in your sales presentations real impact, you have to enlarge your image to fill the entire slide.  That’s right, from top to bottom, right to left. Then, superimpose your text on the image. The role of images in your sales presentations is to inspire your client and create …

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Choosing relevant images for your sales presentations

Use relevant pictures in your sales presentations

Ensuring that your image is relevant is Rule No. 1 to follow when choosing your images and the most important one when it comes to ensuring that your sales presentations are effective. The role of an image is to drive home the key point of your slide. You are better off not putting a photo …

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Illustrating ideas… not words, to guarantee the effectiveness of your sales presentations

Illustrating ideas in your sales presentations

Illustrating a word does not reinforce it: adding a photo of a boat does not reinforce the meaning of the word “boat”. It does not add meaning, it simply illustrates. What’s the problem with this type of illustration? It treats your client like a child who doesn’t know how to read, and who needs illustrations …

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Avoiding Cheesy Pictures in your sales presentations

Avoid Cheesy photo in your sales presentations

What makes a picture cheesy? Three things: An artificial setting that portrays a situation your client would never encounter in everyday life People who are constantly smiling, regardless of the situation they find themselves in (in a meeting, in front of a computer, etc.), or who are looking into the camera lens… or better yet, a …

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Buying professional photos for your sales presentations

Pictures in Sales presentations: you are liable

Saving on the cost of photos is not good economics Don’t use Google images, even if your company has a policy of not investing even €200/year in images. The person who is liable is you, the one who uses the image, not the one who supplied it.  It won’t be Google going to court for …

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Choosing images for your sales presentations: don’t illustrate, suggest!

sales presentations: don’t illustrate, suggest

It is often tempting to illustrate words: the sales rep says “car”, and shows a picture of a car. In doing so, he is taking his client for an idiot, matching the image with a direct description, much like children’s books do. But that is not the goal: what you want to do is inspire …

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