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PowerPoint 2010: Tired of dreadful arrows? Want to create sexy, good-looking arrows?

Sometimes, you’ll want to make arrows with a more dramatic, flowing effect, or a curved or tapered effect : In other words, a swoosh arrow. The good news is that PowerPoint 2010 makes this easy. This means that you should no longer use the PowerPoint default options, which are relatively dull : Sometimes these are …

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PowerPoint: Matching Font Color to a Picture

In design, color matters! And reducing the number of colors by harmonizing them gives a slide more impact. You are therefore better off choosing your font color from one of the existing background colors, like in the slide on the right, than using a basic color, like the white in the slide on the left. …

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PowerPoint 2010: Background removal

Many of the improvements in PowerPoint 2010 relate to inserting and formatting pictures. Let’s say you want to make a slide like the one on the left, and you have an image like the one on the right: This type of formatting was not possible in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions, but became an option …

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