Choosing relevant images for your sales presentations

Ensuring that your image is relevant is Rule No. 1 to follow when choosing your images and the most important one when it comes to ensuring that your sales presentations are effective. The role of an image is to drive home the key point of your slide. You are better off not putting a photo at all than putting one that does not reinforce the slide’s message.

So the key question is: what is a relevant image? The answer is simple: an image is relevant if it reinforces your message.

Use relevant pictures in your sales presentationsNow, I did say “reinforce”. Illustrating a word is not the same as reinforcing it: you do not reinforce the meaning of the word “boat” by adding a photo of a boat. That doesn’t add meaning, it simply illustrates. What’s the problem with this type of illustration? It treats your client like a child who doesn’t know how to read, and who needs illustrations to understand the text. This is what sales reps do when they illustrate the word “partnership” with a handshake, or “international” with a map of the world, and so on.

Ideas are what you have to illustrate: the image supports the key idea in the slide. Nancy Duarte tells us to “create ideas, not slides”. Click here to learn more about illustrating ideas.





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