How contrasts make your sales presentations more impactful?

Customer and contrastsContrast is one of the most effective ways to add visual interest to your sales presentations. Our eyes like contrast.  Audiences need contrast. Eyes immediately perceive the difference between the attribute of two or more things, and this focuses your customer’s attention. By contrasting an object against the others, you automatically create attention and bring the customer’s eyes to that object.

Contrast can be created by a change in color, size and even object.

Written sales proposal: contrasts drive eyes

Written proposal without contrast Written proposal with contrast
 Look at this page of a written sales proposal: This is nice and neat, but there is nothing that attracts your eyes to it. Of no one’s eyes are attracted to a piece, no one will read it !      Would you agree that your eyes are drawn to this page rather than to the previous one

The source of the contrast is obvious. It used a stronger, bolder type-face in the headlines and subheads. The typeface is repeated in the sales presentation page title. Thanks to the strong headlines, a dark band was added across the top behind the title, repeating the dark color, and reinforcing the contrast

Sales presentations and font size contrast

Make it big or small - Garr Reynolds
Very often sales reps are shy with  the contrasts of font sizes: if they consider that 18 pts is a small font, a big one will be 24pts. Garr Reynolds used to say “when you make it small, make it really small, when you make it big… make it really big”. And I love his famous slide illustrating this: the small font is 28 pts, the biggest is 300 pts !


Establishing a relationship between slide elements is an important first step. The contrast in the size of the following sales presentation, for example, draws the eye to the larger text as if it’s a title for the text block. Regardless of where the text is placed, the larger text is perceived as the most important

Font Size contrast in sales presentations

Sales presentations and color contrats

Contrast in sales presentations
Contrast on a page draws customer’s eyes on it. It’s true for graphs and texts as well.





Sales Presentation - PowerPoint 2010
It is even more important when you write text over pictures. If the image doesn’t have plenty of empty space so that your text can fit comfortably in the slide with good contrast, you will have to use gradients to make your titles stand out. To learn more about this click on Using gradients in PowerPoint 2010 to make your titles stand out







Visual sales techniques: Two mistakes sales reps do with contrast

Most sales reps make two mistakes when it comes to constrast:

  1. They assigne contrast unintentionally. Remember, all stylistic choices have the potential to suggests something: importance, urgency, value or whatever to the customer on either a conscious or subconscious level. Unintentional contrast can confuse the intended message at best, and contradict it at worst. As a result, you should base all such choices on a well-defined purpose.
  2. They don’t use contrast and they kill the power of their message. Yes they kill it, as the famous designer Paul Rand used to say:; “Without contrast you’re dead.”

Color Contrast Calculator

This calculator will determine whether two colors you are thinking of using on your sales presentation have enough contrast to be seen clearly by the customer.  The calculations are based on international standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  There are two tests, a color brightness test and a color difference test.  Both tests should be passed (Brightness Test >125 and Color Test >500 in order to ensure that the colors you are using on your slides will be easily seen. Link: Color Contrast Calculator

Calculate contrast in your sales presentations


The important rule to remember is that for contrast to be effective, it must be strong.
Don’ t be a wimp!

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