How to deliver Powerpoint sales presentation using Presenter View

Presenter View is a great way for you to view your sales presentation with your meeting notes on one computer (your laptop, for example), while the customer views the notes-free sales presentation on a different monitor, or projected on a larger screen, for example.

Presenter viewer in sales presentations

In this post we are going to focus on how to use Presenter view during your sales presentation meeting.
Tip: If you want to learn more about how to set-up presenter view, click here: How to set-up your sales presentations and computer to use Presenter View

Presenter View offers the following tools to make it easier for you to present your sales presentation:

  • You can use thumbnails to select slides out of sequence and create a customized sales presentation for your customer.
  • Meeting notes are shown in large, clear type so that you can use them as a script for your sales presentation.
  • You can darken or lighten the screen during your presentation and then resume where you left off. For example, you might not want to display the slide content during all the meeting, or while answering customer’s questions.
  • In Presenter View, icons and buttons are large enough to navigate easily, even when you are using an unfamiliar keyboard or mouse

Features for your sales presentation

The following illustration shows the various tools that are available to you from Presenter View.

Presenter viewer: features for sales presentation

  1. The slide number (for example, slide 1 of an 24-slide sales presentation)
  2. The slide you are currently showing to the customer
  3. The meeting notes, which you can use as a script for your sales presentation
  4. Click to go to the previous slide
  5. The pen or higlighter
  6. Click to display a menu that enables you to end the show, darken or lighten the customer screen, or go to a specific slide number
  7. Click to go to the next slide
  8. The elapsed time of your sales presentation, in hours and minutes
  9. Slide thumbnails that you can click to skip a slide or to return to a slide that you already presented

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