Add a dose of storytelling to your sales techniques

Storytelling is about using narrative devices in communication and sales techniques. It is of particular interest for sales presentations, because it will help you gain client buy-in for your product or company.

Sales techniques and storytellingStorytelling is used by most large multinationals, including the world’s most powerful brands, like Coca-Cola and Disney, who see it as a way to set themselves apart in their sales techniques. But it is also good for SMEs, who can use it as a way to play in the big leagues.

What does storytelling have to do with sales techniques?

Using storytelling in sales techniques means shaping one or more compelling, persuasive stories.  These stories, which can be as short as an anecdote or as long as an entire sales pitch, act as conduits to convey messages and more complex arguments. This makes for more effective communication, the principle being that to talk to the head, you often need to touch the heart first. In other words, we use emotion to influence reason. Storytelling draws on an emotional register; the use of narrative can trigger the client’s emotions and play an important role in the buying decision process. (Click here for more on the topic: xxx)

How to use storytelling to enrich sales techniques

The idea is to create and tell a story to be better at selling. Authentic, substantial stories, not hogwash. The goal is not to deceive, it’s simply to be more effective. Anyway, we all have it in us: man has always used stories as the most effective way to communicate, and to search for and give meaning to the world. This tradition of telling stories to convey a message runs throughout human history, from the caveman to the Hollywood blockbuster.

Storytelling has simply found ways of putting these stories to work for companies and sales. Neither a mere assortment of facts or display of opinions nor even a basic example, a story is both simple and elaborate. Mre importantly, it is an effective tool in sales techniques.

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