How to embed a YouTube video into your sales presentations

Video in your sales presentations
We all know that videos generally make a strong impact on an audience. The same holds true for our clients. Your sales presentations will have greater impact if you add videos. However, there are two problems with the videos you’ll find on YouTube, Vimeo and elsewhere online:

  1. To show them, you’ll need a good Internet connection at the client’s office – and, for security reasons, you usually can’t get any internet connection there, period!
  2. A video added to PowerPoint or Keynotes loses a lot of its impact if you have to exit your presentation to open a media player.

So, how can you embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint or Keynotes presentation to be able to play it offline?

Step 1: Download the YouTube video onto your hard drive

You’ll need to have free software like RealPlayer already installed:
Once you do, you can download any YouTube video by simply clicking on the ‘download this video’ button.

Download video for your sales presentations

YouTube and most other sites that stream videos on the Internet deliver the videos in Flash format, which is why the file you download has the .flv extension.

Step 2: If you design your sales presentations with PowerPoint 2007 or earlier, convert the .flv file to .wmv

Encode video for your sales presentationsIf you have PowerPoint 2010, you can skip this step, because PowerPoint 2010 handles .flv files.
PowerPoint 2007 and earlier versions don’t recognize .flv files. There are at least three ways to embed such files, but the simplest is to convert your .flv file to .wmv.
There is lots of freeware available that allows you to do this. With eRightSoft’s SUPER © freeware, for instance, you simply:

  1. Drag & drop the file from your browser into the SUPER © window
  2. Scroll down the list at the upper right and choose the wmv output option
  3. Select ‘no change’ in the output options
  4. Now, just click on ‘encode’ to create the new .wmv file in the .flv’s directory

Step 3: Embed the video into PowerPoint

Insert video in your sales presentationFrom this point on, importing is ultra-easy: in the ‘Insert’ menu, select ‘Video’ and then ’Video from File…’ from the dropdown menu to access the browser and retrieve your .wmv file.

Step 4: Adjust the video

Resize videos in your sales presentations
You still need to resize the video to full screen using the sizing handles, as you would with an image. Videos, like pictures, should be shown full screen in business presentations: click here for more on this subject



Adjust video contrast to you sales presentations

PowerPoint 2010 offers the new possibility of adjusting the video brightness and contrast (right click/format video).
This same menu also allows you to add 3D effects, shading and most of the same features as for pictures.







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  1. Yeah J-Francois! True! Video’s play a vital role in your sales presentations these days. Youtube is the biggest and the best source for embedding videos in your presentations. It is true that you face these two problems when you want to embed YouTube videos in your PowerPoint. If you are embedding a video from YouTube you definitely need internet connection. But the second problem of losing video impact can be dealt easily. You can now embed and play your YouTube videos in PowerPoint without leaving your PowerPoint. All you need to do is download authorSTREAM Desktop ribbon for PowerPoint and have good internet connection. This ribbon lets you add videos and images from web from within the powerpoint.
    Thanks for bringing this topic to spotlight.

  2. Thanks for finally talking about >How to embed a YouTube
    video into your sales presentation <Loved it!

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