Perfect Sales Presentation vs. Effective Sales Presentation

There are two possible types of sales presentations:

You can try to find the perfect presentation. The one that is just the right length, not too long and not too short, the one you will deliver flawlessly, without typos, every i dotted. All your arguments are carefully prepared, each word weighed for hours, the best solution proposed and every objection anticipated. You can be a representative for a computing, consulting or construction firm, who might be boring, but is always right.

Or you can be someone who tries to make effective and interesting sales presentations. The key to being interesting, to making a presentation that gets noticed, to generating interest in your product or service, is to not be driven by the search for perfection. Interesting requires a shot of energy that sometimes hampers the timing or creativity that clashes with precision. Even in activities requiring precision, clients will often go for the proposal that interests them the most, even if it is more expensive. You can still work for the companies mentioned above.

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Steve Jobs vc Bill Gates

When an interesting presentation is momentarily imperfect, I skim over the imperfection, carried by the interest sparked by the presentation. When a perfect sales presentation is imperfect, I get bored and annoyed. Because perfect has to be perfect all the time.

This article was inspired by Seth Godin’s perfect vs. interesting.



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