PowerPoint 2010: Background removal

Many of the improvements in PowerPoint 2010 relate to inserting and formatting pictures.

Let’s say you want to make a slide like the one on the left, and you have an image like the one on the right:

This type of formatting was not possible in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions, but became an option with PowerPoint 2007. But the PowerPoint 2007 option of recoloring a color as transparent is inadequate for a complex background like this one, because the feature only eliminates one color.

PowerPoint 2010 has a “Remove Background” feature. If you double-click on the picture, the button appears in the menu under the “File” tab. Click on “Remove Background” to open the pop-up menu with its five functions.

As you can see, PowerPoint tries to guess what part you want to keep,

and highlights the part to be removed with magenta. For complex pictures like this one, start by reframing the area you wish to keep.

The “Mark Areas to Keep” command lets you reset areas that PowerPoint is mistakenly proposing to remove.

The “Mark Areas to Remove” command lets you remove the areas that PowerPoint is mistakenly neglecting to remove:

It just takes a few seconds to get all the areas you want, then clicking on the “Keep Changes” command closes the menu and replaces the colors you want to remove with a transparent area.

This powerful feature eliminates the need to use a graphics software to format your images. You will be pleased to know that it comes with all Office 2010 applications, including Word, Excel and Outlook.


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