PowerPoint: Matching Font Color to a Picture

In design, color matters! And reducing the number of colors by harmonizing them gives a slide more impact. You are therefore better off choosing your font color from one of the existing background colors, like in the slide on the right, than using a basic color, like the white in the slide on the left.

To do this, you must first pick a color on the background photo. You will need a “color picker” for this; there are many free color pickers, such as Color Cop, which you can download at this address: http://colorcop.net/

Color Cop lets you select a color directly on the screen using an eyedropper, and shows it in a window, along with its RGB (Red-Green-Blue) code. You can use a magnifier for easier selection:

Just drag the eyedropper over to the selected color in your picture and the code appears in the Color Cop window:

Then select your title, click on the font color selection button in the menu, and choose “More Colors”,

… then copy the RGB code shown in Color Cop into the corresponding area of the PowerPoint window:

… to create the desired effect:


See this news in French: http://presentations-de-vente.com/assortir-la-couleur-de-la-police-a-limage


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  1. Thank you for this tip.

    The same thing is possible in PowerPoint 2013. There is an ‘Eyedropper’ with a magnifier, in the Color selector to pick up colours anywhere on a picture.


  2. Such a useful link to Colorcop
    Many, many, many thanks… and, of course, it only made sense because I was searching for the answer that your post provided!

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