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Sales reps are forever learning to master price presentation techniques… and then forgetting them when they use PowerPoint. More specifically, as soon as sales reps start presenting price in PowerPoint, they do the opposite of what they have learned to master with sales techniques.


Any seasoned sales person has learned to master a price presentation technique, in an effort to avoid the perpetual client response: “That’s expensive…”. There are dozens of different techniques for this.
sandwish : price presentation techniquesThe best known has to be the “sandwich” method. You begin by highlighting the advantages (1st layer), because the price is never just the effort required to benefit from it, and this helps make it palatable.  Then, in the middle, the sales rep states the price, and finally (3rd layer), just after presenting the price, turns the floor over to the client on a subject defined by the rep. This means that he or she transitions from the price presentation straight into a diversion on a point of detail in the form of a question to the client, such as: “Do you prefer morning or afternoon delivery?” “Would you like one or two?” or “Do you prefer it in white or in black?” Most clients will not respond with “That’s expensive”, and will probably never bring the matter up again.

The best sales people have learned that it is better to master one good technique fully than several only partially.Steve Jobs Price presentation
This is true of Steve Jobs, who has mastered just one technique that he uses every time, completely naturally and with perfect command. This technique is very personal to him: it is the double-sandwich with triple diversion. For instance, for the iPhone price presentation:
– he started with a 1st layer of advantages: “The iPhone is fantastic, etc…”
– he added a second layer on the selection of colors: “It is available in two fantastic colors” (which turned out to be black and white – ed. note :-)
– in the middle of the sandwich came the price
– and finally, no less than a triple diversion: 1. An attractive offer from operator AT&T available on an immediate purchase; 2. The availability dates for pre-orders; and 3. The availability schedule for the various countries!

… A perfect example of its type, it can be seen in Module 4 of the course on “How to deliver great sales presentations”.

But now that they have PowerPoint, what do sales reps do? Just the opposite!

As though PowerPoint had robbed them of their knowhow… sales reps make entire slides with the pricing details, projected onto 4m X 3m, with no advantages, no diversion, none of the techniques they have learned! As though PowerPoint had erased their memories and learning! (Click on the vertical white tabs to scroll through the various examples)

Bad example 1

Bad Price Presentation

Bad example 2

Bad Price Presentation

How Should You Use PowerPoint for Price Presentation?

How can we use PowerPoint intelligently from now on so that we are not handicapped when it comes to price presentation? The key is to use PowerPoint to support the technique, and to use the written proposal to present the details: there is no point in projecting price details onto 3m x 4m in a font that no-one can read anyway!

Here are some examples of the sandwich method… the advantages (1st layer) were presented in earlier slides, and here we see examples of how the middle layer is presented. In real life, each of these examples would be followed by a diversion slide on a point of detail, like delivery times, etc.
Here you see only the initial and final images for each example. In PowerPoint, an animation would be added to shrink the price and grow the ROI while transitioning from one slide to the next. (Click on the vertical white tabs to scroll through the various examples)

Example 1 – Slide 1

Price Presentation

Example 1 – Slide 2

Price Presentation

Example 2 – Slide 1

Price Presentation

Example 2 – Slide 2

Price Presentation

Example3 – Slide 1

Price Presentation

Example 3 – Slide 2

Price Presentation

Clearly, with all the possibilities and animations PowerPoint offers, there is no need to forget sales techniques. On the contrary, it enables us to make the most of them! It’s not the tool that makes us stupid, it’s how we use it.


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