sales presentation: dare switching-off the data-projector.

Regarding sales presentation, We are currently witnessing a transition to a new era.

  • 90% of sales presentations are deadly. We call this “The death of sales by PowerPoint”, where sales presentations are loaded with text. Presentations like this kill a sales rep’s effectiveness because they cannot be influential during the sales meeting. This is not just because clients never read all the text projected onto a screen. It’s also because these presentations miss their goal, which is to influence the right brain using emotional impact.
  • And then there’s the other extreme: The death of sales by putting pretty pictures in sales presentations, where putting photos instead of text ends up making your sales presentation look like a slide show of your grandparents’ last vacation. This is even worse: not only does the sales presentation miss its goal, it ends up looking ridiculous, and making the sales rep look silly.

Most of the very few sales reps who try to avoid the first pitfall stumble into the second. This is particularly disastrous because the sales rep is central to the sale. The client’s attention should be riveted on the sales rep, not on a silly slideshow.

Aim for balance in your sales presentation

You can balance your presentation by alternating slides with images and those without, according to the slide’s purpose: one slide could refer to a key word that you want to reinforce, and another could show a graph. I will be doing another article on this subject later.

Insert black slides between each illustration in the sales presentation

Sales presentations without slidesTry this simple, easy idea. Insert a black slide (or press the key “B” on the keyboard) to regain the client’s attention after each slide. That’s right, black, just a plain black background, to refocus the client’s interest on the sale’s rep.

Here is an example of the effect of this technique, used in a presentation by Phil Plait at TEDxBoulder: How to defend Earth from asteroids. Watch how the absence of image alternates with brilliant visuals, how the absence of image refocuses attention on Phil Plait, and how Phil Plait uses this renewed attention to captivate the audience with humor on a very serious subject.

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