If sales people were to use PowerPoint or KeyNotes to present Usain Bolt …

If sales people were to use PowerPoint or KeyNotes to present Usain Bolt…
… they would undoubtedly come up with a slide like this:
Usain Bolt and PowerPoint
Imagine a sales rep then commenting on the slide: he or she has no choice but to say what is written on the slide, since everything is there! The problem is that this approach has zero impact:
– The “client” will hardly notice the photo: no visual impact, no emotion
– Human beings read at a speed of 400 words per minute, and speak at a rate of 100 words per minute: on average, the client will read this slide in 25 seconds, and the sales rep will need about a minute and a half to read it aloud, without even adding any new ideas.

The client can’t listen and read at the same time, because the two aren’t done at the same speed, so he will either:
– Read the slide without listening to the sales rep, in which case, he will finish reading a minute earlier, and will then be bored listening to the sales person read things he already knows;
– Or listen to the sales rep without reading the slide, in which case, why bother with the slide?

The slide does not contain what is said, it supports it, frames it, reinforces it.

Now imagine the sales person providing the following commentary for the next slide:
“He was the youngest sprinter of all time. World Junior champion in 2002, he was the first junior to run the 200-metre dash in under 20 seconds.

Usain Bolt and effective sales presentation

He became the most talented: the only person since Carl Lewis to have broken three world records in the same Olympic Games, the only one ever to be both Olympic champion and World Champion in the 100- and 200-metre dash.

His name is USAIN BOLT.”

Then moving to the next slide, and continuing with: “They call him: Lighting Bolt.”
Lighting Bolt and effective sales presentation
“He was also the youngest-ever gold medalist for the 200-metre dash at the 2002 Junior World Championships, and the youngest junior sprinter to run the 200-metre dash in under 20 seconds, with a time of 19.93 in 2004. He beat the best, breaking the Junior world record set by Roy Martin by two tenths of a second, and beating Don Quarrie’s 200-metre Jamaican national record with a time of 19.75 seconds.”


See this news in French: http://presentations-de-vente.com/si-les-commerciaux-utilisaient-powerpoint-ou-keynotes-pour-presenter-usain-bolt

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