Sales presentations on iPads and PCs: Don’t send the slideshow

We have seen that a live sales presentations have to be visual to be effective. It must use emotional impact to support and strengthen the sales representative’s logical arguments. It should therefore contain slides with maximum visual impact and a minimum number of words.

Sales presentation and print-outThe sales meeting should be a show, and the show won’t go on without you. The sales presentation gives your customer a reason to read the proposal you send in PDF format, but it’s very different! The sales presentation is the reason your customer will or won’t read your proposal. Seth Godin says “Don’t hand out print-outs of your slides. They don’t work without you there!

It is essential not to confuse the two: The fact that the slides contain few words makes them unusable without the sales representative, so you can’t send the slideshow to the customer, as is, for him to read on an iPad, an Android tablet or a PC.

You have to send a mixed format, a web-presentation that is both: visual to capture the customer’s attention the way the slideshow would, with commentary that makes sense of the slideshow.

Here are two samples web sales presentations meant to be read on a PC:

Here is a sample web-sales presentation meant to be read on a PC:

  • A web sales presentation:
  • Or the same technique used in a tribute to Steve Jobs:

And you, what are your thoughts about it? Feel free to comment hereafter.

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