sales presentations on iPads and tablets: The 3 advantages

iPads and tablets have advantages in sales presentations, but not always the ones we think. I am not talking about advantages for the customer when he or she is reading the presentation all alone on an iPad, that is another matter altogether – see these two articles is you are interested:

Here, what I’m talking about are the advantages of using an iPad or a tablet in a sales meeting.

Sales presentations on iPads and tablets: The 3 advantages

  1. iPADs and sales presentationsPresent on your feet: No keyboard means you can hold the device with one hand and activate the screen with the other.
  2. One-on-one presentations: An iPad or tablet is less intrusive, more natural and less artificial than a PC
  3. Quick start: Tablets start up almost instantaneously. This is particularly useful in an informal sales setting; you get into a discussion somewhere where it would be inappropriate to open a computer, but you want to use visual support. With a tablet, you are in business in 10 seconds.

You will note, however, that these three advantages evaporate

  • you are presenting  to customers seated around a table,
  • you are presenting  to multiple participants: you would have to project onto an LCD screen or a video-projector, and there is no advantage to using an iPad over a PC.

That’s it! No more, no less. There are stunning presentations for iPad – here’s one of my favorites:

[youtube_sc url= width=550 rel=0 fs=1]
but they reflect the talent of the speaker, not the technology. The same thing could be achieved on a PC.

The iPad is still a great device. I’m a big fan. But with just three, fairly small advantages and some serious disadvantages (click here to find out more), iPads and tablets are not going to have a huge impact in the world of sales presentations.

But perhaps you feel differently. What’s your experience using tablets in sales presentations? Update this article by posting a comment below.

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  1. Hi Jean-François

    I agree upon the advantages of a sales presentation on a tablet, but I don’t agree they evaporate when you have a seated presentation. The iPad can be launched much faster compared to a pc, scrolling is easier, it’s still less intrusive and if needed you can connect your iPad to a beamer (not the iPad 1). An extra advantage is the impression your audience gets from you. People tend to think you’re more up-to-date and perception is everything.

    Kris Sierens
    BeforeTheHype SmartPresentations

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