sales presentations on iPads and tablets: The 7 disadvantages

There are three advantages to using an iPad or tablet for sales presentations (click here to find out more: We have seen that these three advantages evaporate when presenting to customers seated around a table, or in meetings with multiple participants.

If there were only advantages, even if they evaporated most of the time for most sales people, it would still be worthwhile equipping all sales people with an iPad. The question is: are there any disadvantages? And the answer is yes. In fact, there are more disadvantages than advantages.

Sales presentations on iPads and tablets: The disadvantages

In fact, to get the (small) advantages of tablets, you are going to have to accept the disadvantages, and there are twice as many disadvantages as advantages in sales presentations. And they are major.

  1. It is harder to change your sales presentation. Yet we know that sales presentations often need to be adjusted, sometimes at the last minute, often in otherwise lost time, like on trains, on planes or while waiting. Most sales people are less comfortable changing their sales presentations using a touch screen, and many simply can’t. As for more sophisticated changes, forget it, particularly on an iPad that uses iOS instead of OS X – like the iPhone – it makes a huge difference.
  2. Sales representative productivity drops. Due to the above, and in proportion to the time spent on a tablet, with no PC, keyboard or mouse, the sales rep’s ability to produce and adjust sales presentations dissolves. We are faster with real keys, and anything related to cut-and-paste or selection is faster using a physical keyboard and mouse. File organization is also faster and easier on Mac OS or PC, with no need for a special application.
  3. Not suited to meetings with multiple participants. With two participants, it is still feasible, but the screen is small. With more than three people, there are better ways to go.
  4. More complicated connections to video projectors or LCD screens. The absence of VGS 9 connectors means the sales rep has to have a connector kit, and must remember to bring it.
  5. Less impact than a large-scale image. In a meeting with multiple participants, nothing has more impact than an eloquent sales representative using large-sized supports to trigger the customer’s emotions and drive home the arguments. Certainly not a 10” screen.
  6. Not all applications work. Android tablets don’t handle Flash well, and Apple blocks it.
  7. The cost of the tablet itself, given that it is on top of the cost of the computer, which the tablet cannot replace.

Sales presentations and iPAD
I love my iPad, it is still a great device, but as far as I am concerned, it is poorly suited to sales presentations.  It is great at what it is designed to do: surf, manage email, view photos and videos, listen to music, play, read. But none of this is relevant to sales presentations.





But perhaps you feel differently. What’s your experience using iPads and tablets in sales presentations? Update this article by adding a comment below.

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