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10 most-read articles of 2011, then let’s change the world of sales presentations in 2012!

Change Sales World

As we head into 2012, I propose a look back at the top 10 most-read articles of 2011 on this blog. Whether or not you caught them when they first came out, this is your chance to review what you, the readers, found most useful this year for improving your sales presentations.     It …

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How to embed a YouTube video into your sales presentations

Video in your sales presentations

We all know that videos generally make a strong impact on an audience. The same holds true for our clients. Your sales presentations will have greater impact if you add videos. However, there are two problems with the videos you’ll find on YouTube, Vimeo and elsewhere online: To show them, you’ll need a good Internet …

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How to increase the visual impact of your sales presentations by coloring a text with an image

Color text woth image in PowerPoint sales presentations

Since PowerPoint 2007 you can color text with a photo, in order to increase the visual impact of your sales presentations                 Write your text in a color quelquonque, then select it, then right click 1. In the dialog box, select “Format text effect”         …

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How to keep the formatting when you inserted a slide in another PowerPoint sales presentation?

Insert a slide

When you’re building PowerPoint sales presentations, you may need to copy slides from one PowerPoint sales presentation and insert them into another. Sometimes these slides may have different templates, themes, or other formatting options. Whenever you insert slides from another presentation template, the inserted slides will default to the new presentation’s template and formatting options, …

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The Death of Sales by Putting Pretty Pictures in PowerPoint

Death by Powerpoint

Most PowerPoint and Keynote sales presentations suck (see “Why sales reps kill their customers with slideuments” article on Slideshare).  With 100 to 200 words per slide, these sales presentations use projectors to display texts meant to be read. This makes for lethal presentations, and is commonly referred to as “Death by PowerPoint”. A new trend …

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If sales people were to use PowerPoint or KeyNotes to present Usain Bolt …

Usain Bolt and PowerPoint

If sales people were to use PowerPoint or KeyNotes to present Usain Bolt… … they would undoubtedly come up with a slide like this: Imagine a sales rep then commenting on the slide: he or she has no choice but to say what is written on the slide, since everything is there! The problem is …

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PowerPoint: Matching Font Color to a Picture

In design, color matters! And reducing the number of colors by harmonizing them gives a slide more impact. You are therefore better off choosing your font color from one of the existing background colors, like in the slide on the right, than using a basic color, like the white in the slide on the left. …

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