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Design in Sales Presentations

Design in Powerpoint Sales presentations

Before talking about sales presentations… First of all, what is design? There is no simple answer. For me, design is what allows people to create solutions that help other people or improve their lives, even if just a bit. Design means paying attention not to the solution as such, but to how others will understand …

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Sales presentations require creativity: 10 Things you can do to stay creative

Creative and sales presentations

Effective sales presentations require creativity. Effective sales presentation require creativity. Most people consider I am creative. I don’t think so. Or more exactly I think that any one can be as creative as I am, enough creative to design effective Keynotes or Powerpoint sales presentations. Everyone is creative enough to design grate sales presentations Yes …

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PowerPoint sales presentations and picture copyright law.

Copyright and sales presentations

You need great picture for your PowerPoint sales presentation and don’t want to spend money You’ve found the perfect picture on someone’s website or on Google. Can you use it? No, you can’t! All images you find online are protected by copyright law, which says pictures are the property of whomever created them. You always …

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Price Presentation in PowerPoint Sales Presentations

Steve Jobs Price presentation

Sales reps are forever learning to master price presentation techniques… and then forgetting them when they use PowerPoint. More specifically, as soon as sales reps start presenting price in PowerPoint, they do the opposite of what they have learned to master with sales techniques. PRICE PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES Any seasoned sales person has learned to master …

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