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Add a dose of storytelling to your sales techniques

Sales techniques and storytelling

Storytelling is about using narrative devices in communication and sales techniques. It is of particular interest for sales presentations, because it will help you gain client buy-in for your product or company. Storytelling is used by most large multinationals, including the world’s most powerful brands, like Coca-Cola and Disney, who see it as a way …

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Make compelling sales presentations by using “James Bond” flow

The current storytelling trend is based on a triad that I find particularly suitable for sales presentations. It can be applied to presentations very easily, and is what I use most often, because it adapts well to any sales situation. Step 1: Hook their attention Step 2: Spark the desire for change Step 3: Persuade …

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Four types of slides for sales presentations

four types of slides for sales presentations

In sales, there are four good reasons to use slides. Your sales presentation will be more effective with slides than without them if you use them: To explain, i.e., to make clients understand you To prove, i.e., to make clients believe you To summarize, i.e., to make clients retain your key messages To influence, i.e., …

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Sales presentation templates that kill sales techniques

PowerPoint templates that kill sales techniques

In this article about sales techniques, I am only referring to the templates used to create sales presentations for sales meetings, not templates for written presentations, which for the most part are suitable enough. With the growing use of computers, iPads and other tablets in sales, corporate communications departments felt compelled to impose the use …

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Keynotes or Powerpoint sales presentations: PresentationZen newly revised edition is available

PresentationZen - 2nd Edition - Garr Reynolds

Realy inspiring for sales presentations, Garr Reynolds is back in this newly revised edition of his classic, best-selling book, Presentation Zen, in which he showed readers there is a better way to reach the audience through simplicity and storytelling. I have often been referring to this book particularly inspiring for the design of your sales …

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sales presentations and Graphs

Visual graphs in sales presentations

We are often called upon to provide numbers in our sales presentations, either in table or graph form. We include the numbers because we believe they provide convincing factual evidence to back up our arguments. The question is: are we presenting the numbers in a truly convincing way? This is the first in a series …

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sales presentations: Dark backgrounds are better than light backgrounds

Sales presentations slide-bright-vs-dull

“Dark backgrounds are better than light backgrounds for sales presentations”. This is a subject that comes up very often, and did again this week for me: Karine 😉 this article will make you smile, along with your 12 colleagues of last Tuesday, should you ever stumble across it on Google. The question is, why are …

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sales presentations: The iPad and tablet mirage

Sales presentations and iPAD

The arrival of the iPad and other tablets caused a stir in the small world of sales. People began to say that this innovation would revolutionize the world of sales techniques and sales presentations. But is this in fact a revolution? That is far from certain. iPads and tablets have three clear advantages in sales …

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Sales presentations on iPads and PCs: Don’t send the slideshow

Sales presentation and print-out

We have seen that a live sales presentations have to be visual to be effective. It must use emotional impact to support and strengthen the sales representative’s logical arguments. It should therefore contain slides with maximum visual impact and a minimum number of words. The sales meeting should be a show, and the show won’t go …

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sales presentations on iPads and tablets: The 7 disadvantages

Sales presentations and iPAD

There are three advantages to using an iPad or tablet for sales presentations (click here to find out more: http://newsalespresentation.com/sales-presentations-ipads-tablets-3-advantages). We have seen that these three advantages evaporate when presenting to customers seated around a table, or in meetings with multiple participants. If there were only advantages, even if they evaporated most of the time …

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