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Add a dose of storytelling to your sales techniques

Sales techniques and storytelling

Storytelling is about using narrative devices in communication and sales techniques. It is of particular interest for sales presentations, because it will help you gain client buy-in for your product or company. Storytelling is used by most large multinationals, including the world’s most powerful brands, like Coca-Cola and Disney, who see it as a way …

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Sales techniques and storytelling: conflict or no conflict? Offend some clients, or connect with none.

Usual sales techniques

Sales reps tend to use sales techniques that present the facts: the features of their company, product or service. Naturally, these sales techniques will also seek to present these features in an advantageous light, or with a positive spin. And they will omit anything that might involve conflict. For instance, when sales techniques are used …

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sales techniques and storytelling in sales presentations: the antagonist

Sales techniques & antagonist

What are sales techniques for, and what’s the most important part of a sales presentation? Sales people tend to think that sales techniques are for convincing clients of the advantages of our product or solution, and that the most important part of the sales presentation is the part where we present our product or solution. …

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Sales techniques: the difference between responding to needs and influencing

Sales techniques GPS

Every sales rep must decide between responding to needs and influencing when addressing a client’s request. And the sales rep must make this decision before preparing the sales presentation, because the sales techniques are not the same. They depend on the goal of the sales presentation: the sales rep must clarify what he or she …

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Storytelling applied to sales techniques: The hero and the villain. The good guy and the bad guy

Sales techniques and Storytelling

The question is, can storytelling principles be applied to sales techniques, starting with the concept of good and evil? In storytelling, the bad guy is a character, for the most part antagonistic, who embodies Evil, or at least acts like he does. He is generally fighting against the “good guy”. This concept of the antagonist …

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Sales presentation templates that kill sales techniques

PowerPoint templates that kill sales techniques

In this article about sales techniques, I am only referring to the templates used to create sales presentations for sales meetings, not templates for written presentations, which for the most part are suitable enough. With the growing use of computers, iPads and other tablets in sales, corporate communications departments felt compelled to impose the use …

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sales presentations: The iPad and tablet mirage

Sales presentations and iPAD

The arrival of the iPad and other tablets caused a stir in the small world of sales. People began to say that this innovation would revolutionize the world of sales techniques and sales presentations. But is this in fact a revolution? That is far from certain. iPads and tablets have three clear advantages in sales …

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sales presentations design: Why it matters?

Sales presentations design

I’m no designer myself, I’m a salesman. I like sales and sales presentations. In chronological order, I’ve sold: jumping horses, sports equipment, business services, trade fairs and, for the past 15 years, solutions to help companies optimize their results. During that time I have trained 5,000 sales reps and 500 managers… So, no, I’m no …

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Design in Sales Presentations

Design in Powerpoint Sales presentations

Before talking about sales presentations… First of all, what is design? There is no simple answer. For me, design is what allows people to create solutions that help other people or improve their lives, even if just a bit. Design means paying attention not to the solution as such, but to how others will understand …

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How contrasts make your sales presentations more impactful?

Customer and contrasts

Contrast is one of the most effective ways to add visual interest to your sales presentations. Our eyes like contrast.  Audiences need contrast. Eyes immediately perceive the difference between the attribute of two or more things, and this focuses your customer’s attention. By contrasting an object against the others, you automatically create attention and bring …

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