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sales presentations on iPads and PCs: Don’t send the written proposal in PDF

Written proposal on iPAD

After sales presentations, sales representatives often send the sales proposal in PDF format, and more and more often, the customer reads it on a computer, iPad or other tablet. The first question is: does the customer in fact read it? Customers don’t read written sales presentations in PDF format. Written sales presentations in PDF format don’t …

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email pdf versions of your written sales presentations instead of .pptx ou .docx

Email pour sales presentations in pdf

It is better to email a PDF of your sales presentation than the original .pptx PowerPoint file or even .docx Word file. Fonts get rendered correctly, even if the customer does not have them installed on their computer. Many people open .docx or .pptx  files on their Blackberry or iphone. A PDF is the safest …

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