What’s the use of an unarmed PowerPoint sales presentation?

He was not talking about sales presentation of course, but… In the words of Julien Clerc, one of the best-known French singers: “What’s the use of an unarmed song?” (said the Chileans, arms spread wide, fists clenched…)

You can listen to this song on YouTube:
[youtube_sc url= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmnVfZslf9A width=450 rel=0 fs=1]

It makes me wonder the same thing about sales presentations: What’s the use of an unarmed sales presentation?

And the answer is “None”.

A sales presentation has to be armed to be useful. Armed to kill the competition, armed to penetrate the client’s defenses.

And it needs to be in the hands of elite marksmen ─ you, us, the sales reps ─ to take aim at the client’s real needs, fire at the real issues that the client needs to address, and hit the target.

But that’s not enough. The weapon has to be loaded. The question is: “With what?”

What do you load a sales presentation with?

And the answer is: Emotion.  A PowerPoint presentation needs to be loaded with emotion. The sales rep’s pitch, the tables and the figures speak to the left side of the brain, the logical side. The sales presentation is only meaningful when it influences the right side of the brain, the emotional side. (learn more about cognitive Load theory: click here).
More often than not, emotions are what clinch the sale and make the client change his mind. Logic only serves to reassure the more rational clients, who will need to rationalize their emotional decisions afterward. But emotion will always be at the root of a decision… as long as human beings are human and not machines.  Because what differentiates man from machine is essentially the ability to react to emotions.

Armed sales presentations

Saels presentations armed with emotion

NB: this last type of slides shown above, based on text and bullet points, is not armed with emotion.
It therefore has no power, no impact. It is a weapon capable of killing no more that customer’s insterest during the sales meeting!

Voir cet article en français : http://presentations-de-vente.com/a-quoi-sert-une-presentation-powerpoint-si-elle-est-desarmee

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